Consulting services that help you succeed.

TA Triumph-Adler is there to assist you with all key aspects related to documents, information and IT systems. Under ‘In Focus’ you will find reports, interviews and diagrams that provide you with detailed insights into all key facts and trends in the fields that are critical to the success of your company.

Personal point of contact are available to provide professional support in each respective field. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions, require additional information or would like to schedule an individual consultation. We focus fully on satisfying your needs.


1. Cost transparency & optimisation

  • The challenge: To optimise costs and maximise efficiency.
  • Your benefit: You receive an individual analysis of your company processes that will enable you to work faster, more intuitively and more efficiency.

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2. Print & scanning solutions

  • The challenge: To create hardware-based solutions that build on and optimise output management at your company, with an eye towards efficiency.
  • Your benefit: Compact software solutions that deliver agility and security.

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3. Information management

  • The challenge: Digital process solutions and archive systems are highly fragmented at SMBs, if they indeed exist.
  • Your benefit: Integrated document management solutions for your individual processes that save you both time and money.

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4. Rollout & implementation

  • The challenge: Highly detailed concepts and precise timelines are essential when it comes to implementing an output management concept.
  • The solution: Modern pre-configuration and customised rollout management.

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