When time is of the essence, reliability is an absolute must.

Key things to consider during rollouts: There should be no disruptions to ongoing process or impact on the user experience at the company site. Meticulous preparation, including highly personal device pre-configuration, is essential here. In cases where time is critical and the resources required are substantial, you will need a partner you can rely on. That is why TA Triumph-Adler takes a careful, detailed approach to planning rollouts. This requires constant, personal communication between the customer and our team.

„From my experience, maintaining close communication during each phase of the process helps avoid unpleasant surprises.“

Tobias Adam, Head of Transition Planning & Support

Three questions for Tobias Adam

Question: What are the phases in which planning is performed during a rollout?

Answer:There are four clearly defined phases here: the initiation, planning, execution and wrap-up phases. The planning phase is of primary importance as a dynamic process whose impact is felt throughout the course of the project. That’s because work methods and forms, materials, tools and the initial sub-goals are defined at this time. A detailed working plan describes who does what, the techniques employed, who each person works with and where and when the tasks are completed. Requirements and interfaces are chiefly defined by our transition manager. The planning phase is crucially influenced by a joint rollout meeting. Once this is held, practical implementation begins in clearly defined steps. These include test runs, pre-installations, logistics activities, commissioning and user training.

Question:What are the primary goals during pre-configuration?

Answer:The systems are pre-installed and pre-configured at our central Pre-Configuration Centre according to the individual specifications of the customer. Our goal is to offer the customer high-quality products from the very start, all beginning with central software installation. It is important for us to always keep in mind the special circumstances of each customer. This saves everyone time, money and unnecessary hassle during subsequent implementation.

Question:What are the primary features that characterise a TA Triumph-Adler rollout?

Answer:That would be transparency above all else. The customer is provided with complete information during each phase of the operation thanks to optimised processes and end-to-end monitoring. We do everything possible to guarantee the rollout process is a positive experience for the customer. As complexity increases and customer demands in terms of time, budget and quality grow, project management has become indispensable in ensuring a project’s final success. After the rollout is completed, we are also there to support the customer. Once the project results are accepted, our regional service operation manager provides continued support and regular service to our customer.

„Customised system pre-configuration ensures seamless integration on site.“

Lars Hagemann, Head of Pre-Configuration Centre

TA Triumph-Adler logistics centre in Altenwerder

The high-tech TA Triumph-Adler logistics centre in Hamburg-Altenwerder proves its ability to deliver each and every day. Integrated IT solutions provide support during all phases of the project, starting with analysis and cost estimation all the way to pre-installation planning, logistics, rollout and final acceptance. This ensures that the project is completed fast and transparently to the benefit of the customer.

„A professional rollout is proven to save our customers time, money and nerves.“

Tobias Adam, Head of Transition Planning & Support

A success story: TA & the district of Lüneburg

The Lüneburg district authorities were meticulous in making the decision to choose TA Triumph-Adler as its partner for document management. The rollout project had to be completed quickly. This entailed replacing the printer and multifunctional systems and installing new software solutions, all while the customer maintained normal operations.

The result: Watch our video to find out how we were able to leverage our high-performance products to sell Stefan Domanske, IT Director of the Lüneberg district, on the professional services and high level of efficiency we offer.

Our service: Added value is what we offer.

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